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Aguardente, set your life on fire

Aguardente is a very nice digestive full of flavours like coffee, chocolate and caramel. It is a Portuguese liquor and the name derives from Água ardente, translated: fiery water.

Distilled from wine

It’s an alcoholic beverage, distilled from wine. The alcohol percentage is legally limited to 78%. Colors can go from clear to colorless to light brown, depending on ripening and barrel. The barrels used are winebarrels and therefore release their flavour and color over time. So the best ones need to be left alone for a while.

Aguardente Bagaceira

In the Portuguese countryside, the aguardente is traditionally fired by the locals from the remains left after wine is made, the aguardente Bagaceira. The raw materials are distilled in a boiler above a fire. A long tube runs through a large bowl of hot water and the final product drops out of the tube into a can.